Prescription Refills and Date Limitations

21 CFR 1306.12

  • Prescriptions for schedule II controlled substances cannot be refilled

21 CFR 1306.13

  • Prescriptions for schedule II have no specific time limitations on dispensing after the prescription is issued other than 60 days if the patient is in a long term care facility or has a medical diagnosis documenting a terminal

    State specific limitations vary on dispensing time from date of issuance for schedule II: e.g., Virginia's is 6 months and Hawaii's is 7 days.

21 CFR 1306.22

  • Prescriptions for Schedule III and IV controlled substances cannot be dispensed after 6 months from date of issue or refilled more than 5 times
  • Rules for refilling Schedule V controlled substances are not established by federal law, and the authorized number of refills depends on the professional judgment of the prescriber and the pharmacist