Purpose & Evidence:

  • Purpose: The Screening Instrument for Substance Abuse Potential (SISAP) assesses individuals with a substance abuse history and high risk for opioid dependency or abuse
  • Target population: Adults
  • Evidence:
    • The SISAP indicates good specificity and sensitivity, as well as a high correct classification rate and low rate of misses (Coambs et al. 1996).
  • Advantages/Limitations


    • This tool can help primary care physicians determine if a patient receiving opioids is at risk for opioid abuse, and has been shown to have relatively high sensitivity and specificity (McPherson and Hersch 2000).
    • Resistent to deception or falsification (Coambs et al. 1996).
    • Developed specifically for general practitioners to use within the context of their clinical practice (McPherson & Hersch 2000).
    • Designed so that patients can fail at several points in the assessment (Coambs et al. 1996).
    • The tool differentiates between drug and alcohol risk (Butler 2008)


    • Not validated in pain patients (Butler 2008)

Test features:

  • Estimated time: less than 1 minutes to administer and score
  • Length: 5 items
  • Administered by: Patient Interview
  • Intended settings: Primary care

Available Formats & Links:

  • Available Formats: Online, Print
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