Purpose & Evidence:

  • Purpose: The Current Opioid Misuse Measure (COMM) tool assesses aberrant medication-related behaviors of patients with chronic pain
  • Target population: Adults
  • Validated in pain patients:
  • Evidence:
    • The COMM demonstrates excellent internal consistency, sensitivity and test–retest reliability (Butler et al. 2007)
    • Increased score on the COMM correlates with a higher likelihood of current opioid-related aberrant behavior (Chou et al. 2009).
  • Advantages/Limitations
    • Useful in assessing adherence to an opioid treatment program and in reassessment
    • Questionnaire is easy to understand and takes little effort to score
    • Currently in development
    • Needs further study

  • Test features:

    • Estimated time: 17 items
    • Length: less than 10 minutes to administer and score
    • Administered by: Self-report
    • Intended settings: Primary Care

    Available Formats & Links:

    • Available Formats:

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