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Stephanie Jo Dyer, MD

Joyce Guirand DO

Venkat Reddy,MD

James F Guenther DO, Fairfield OB/GYN Associates

Sharon Winters MD, Winters Family Psychiatry

Andrei Dokukin, MD, Proprius Health Medical Group

Alan L Robbins, MD, BBN Clinic of Brunswick

Brittany Burns, MD

Carol Rogala, DO, Duke Primary Care

Charles Roberts, MD

Khwaja Zakriya,MD, Oahu Pain Care

Leah F. Adams, MD

Richard J Goccia, MD

Robert Sherrick, MD, Community Medical Services

Thomas EB Jones, MD

Todd S Traub, MD, MBA, Tampa Pain Relief Center

Mark Scheutzow MD, Changes by Choice & Durham Center Access

Verna Bain, MD

William Gay, MD

David Ratliff, MD

Hernan R Chang, MD, FACP, Jacksonville Multi-Specialty Group, LLC

Ibrahim A. Opaleye, MD

Bob Arnold, MD

Ken Freedman, MD, MS, MBA, Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

Alan Wartenberg, MD, FACP, FASAM

John Epling, MD

Mervyn J. Samuel, MD

Steven Simon, MD, RPh, Pain Management Institute

Mark Lutrell, MD, Private Practice

Physician from Suboxone Certified Addiction Network

Richard G Soper, MD

Philip Morson, DO

Physician from Greater Lawrence Family Center

T. Pfaff Amesse, MD

Matthew Stanley, DO

Eric Bush, MD, RPh, MBA, Frederick Memorial Hospital

Staci Johnson, ANP

David Healow, MD

Howard Weiss, MD

Physician from Health Works of the Central Coast

Grady Fort, MD

Physician from West Virginia University Department of Behavioral Medicine & Psychiatry

Urimil Dhanda, MD

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